Podcasts I Am Listening To Right Now

Podcasts I Am Listening To Right Now

I love podcasts because it’s such an easy way to learn, lift your spirits or fill your mind with brain food! I listen while I am getting ready for the day, while I am cleaning or while I am getting that cardio in. It's literally so easy!Personally, I love podcasts related to topics in motivation, spirituality, business, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. But I wanted to share my all-time faves so you can get on the podcast train with me. Maybe one day we will launch a VPack Podcast?

Here are my go-tos:

  1. On Purpose With Jay Shetty
  2. Elevation with Steven Furtick
  3. Joel Osteen Podcast
  4. The Free Thinker Podcast
  5. Mind Your Hero
  6. The Move With Us Podcast
  7. The Guava Girl Podcast
  8. The Chris Harder Show
  9. Manifestation Babe

I want to hear YOUR podcast recommendations! Comment below with your fave podcasts. Plus, let us know if you think Steph and I should make our own Vixen podcast?

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