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Vixen Travel Tips ✈️

Vixen Travel Tips ✈️

I had so much fun in Bali this summer!

In between the Busy Babe Challenge, traveling, and all of our Vixen Workout Sessions I am feeling on top of the world.

That said, I haven't travelled a lot outside of South Africa lately, inside of SA, you bet I am often going on little getaways. My work week before leaving for Bali was a whirlwind. As I sit here, back home unpacking and reflecting, I wanted to share with you babes my traveling essentials, the extras I can’t live without on vacation.

These are my go-tos that help me maintain my hard work and allow me to enjoy every single minute of my vacation without feeling bloated, too hungover, hangry, or any feeling that can come with being away from your normal routine.

You deserve to feel just as good jet setting as you do on a normal day, especially during summer, so here’s the packing list.

What I pack on vacation:

My NPL Shaker: Listen, I loooove drinking cocktails on vacation (I am sure you saw that on my IG page). There’s something about enjoying a tropical drink with a view that feels like the epitome of vacay-mode. But I’m also not trying to spend every morning of my trip dealing with the choices I made the night before. So I brought my NPL water bottle with me. Every time I finish a drink, I make sure to drink more water before I order another one.

My phone with my Vixen Workout Plans: I didn't want to undo all the work I did prepping to look my best on vacation with a few days of poor eating choices and dismissing my exercise habits! I wanted to look and feel as good on the last day of my trip as I did vaca day one. But the problem is that vacation means getting outside of my normal routine, so staying on my A-game, physically, can be hard - and it WAS. But I still made an effort to check in with myself and keep my body moving - even if it were just a walk to get steps in.

Comfortable shoes: One of the BEST ways to stay active on vacation is to explore on foot. Seriously, walking is a simple and easy way to stay active and burn calories throughout your vacation. And, bonus, you get to see the sights like a local, which I absolutely love! Walking is all in the shoe choice, my go-to is a versatile, cute, and comfy sneaker. I know I can walk in without my feet hurting.

A supplement / vitamin kit: Vacation’s relaxing, but have you ever felt exhausted after (or during) one? Yeah, me too. It’s easy to get lazy with giving your body the right nutrients when you’re so focused on having fun. Packing probiotics and vitamins for your every morning sets you up for success no matter where your day takes you! This helped me keep my body feeling supported.

My booty bands: Since I knew I was going to be rocking a lot of crop tops and bikinis on my vacay, I wanted to keep everything super toned. And, thanks to our awesome new Myokore booty bands, I could do that right from my hotel room. They took up NO space in my bag and made it so much easier to get a 15 minute workout in whenever I felt I wanted to.

What are your travel tips? Let me know! I’d love to use them during my upcoming summer travels!
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