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8-Week Challenge

Sweat Smile Repeat '23 8 Week Vixen Challenge

Sweat Smile Repeat '23 8 Week Vixen Challenge

Starting Date: 13 February 2023

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2023 is YOUR year. How do I know? Because you are POWERFUL, STRONG, and GRAND - just like my first Challenge of the new year! And together, we’ll make 2023 YOUR YEAR.

What would you say if I told you this challenge will stop you from yo-yo dieting, keep you feeling fuller for longer without deprivation and help you lose fat and keep it off permanently?

What about if I told you that you didn’t have to buy another challenge ever again? That once you go through this challenge you will have the tools to go back to, time and time again, without ever having to spend another cent on another challenge?  And all this with lifetime online support!

Sweat Smile Repeat is an 8-week program that gives you all the tools you will need for a complete transformation. The beauty is, you go through it at your own pace. If you want to smash it out straight away, it will take you 8 weeks. If you want to take your time, you can, no big deal! AND you can keep going back again and again as many times as you like to keep yourself on track, forever!
It’s a new year, a new start, so it’s time to stop making excuses. My community of women is ready to help you meet and exceed everything you’ve wanted for yourself.

And when better to start than at the beginning of a new year? Let’s ride this energy of improvement all the way to your dream bodY!

SWEAT SMILE REPEAT starts 13 February

This Challenge is bringing the new year heat with 8 weeks of goal-pushing transformations unlike any you’ve had before. I know how important resolutions are, and I know even more how important it is to start strong so you set the tone for your year — which is why you’ll find my BEST workouts, my MOST POWERFUL mindset exercises, and my TASTIEST healthy meals in New Year Better Me!

Together, I promise, we’ll get you into your best shape for 2023—physically and mentally!

  • NO food restriction
  • NO hours of cardio
  • NO burn out or boredom
  • NO guilt or pressure

This isn’t a mindless workout routine, Vixen. We’re purposeful about our moves and intentional with our choices.

  • YES to workouts under an hour
  • YES to options and flexibility
  • YES to prioritising your mental health as well as physical
  • YES to self love and empowerment


Register for SWEAT SMILE REPEAT NOW to make a commitment to yourself for 2023! Your lasting, full-lifestyle transformation starts with YOU.

There are LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE -- sign up now!!

What's Included?

Goals & Mindset

  • Setting goals and learning how to shift your mindset, become more organised.
  • Worksheets, assessments, exercises
  • Checklists

Nutrition Guidance & Meal Options

  • Flexible eating plan
  • Why it works
  • 80/20 rule

Supplement Guidance

  • Learn about different supplements and what they do

Training Overview and 2  4 Week Workout Plans

  • Get stronger
  • Learn correct form
  • Video tutorials included
  • Ab workouts & cardio

How are you Tracking

  • Tracking your progress without the scales
  • Trackers

Body Recovery & Stretching

  • How to recover from muscle soreness, aches and pains, faster and more comfortably


  • Lifetime access to the member only Facebook support group
  • Online access to Coach Vee
  • 24/ team support
  • 2023 Vixen Planner

Results in 8 Weeks? Is That Even Possible?

Can you really see results in just 2 months?

If you mean a mind that’s stronger and more confident? A body that's tighter, more toned, and slimmer. A schedule that’s more balanced causing you a little more peace - hell yes babe!


  • Start date: 13 February
  • Flexible, Easy-to-follow Meal Plan
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Women empowerment
  • Find your space within our community
  • End date: 7 April
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Enjoy your fitness lifestyle. Start your year on your best possible journey.

Take A Closer Look


  • Able to complete at gym or home - you decide what works for you!
  • Strength Focused Training
  • Upper + Lower Body Focused Workouts
  • High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Cardio Low-intensity Steady State (LISS)
  • Cardio Circuit Based Training
  • Core + Ab Challenges
  • Mobility Stretch Routines
  • 40 - 50 minute sessions, with YouTube video tutorials for every single exercise
  • Two different workout routines for week 1 – 4 and week 4 - 8 to keep things fun
  • You DO NOT have to workout everyday - workouts are adaptable between 3 - 6 training days, and can fit in YOUR schedule
  • Follow along *optional* HIIT workouts + warm up / cool down videos

Meal Plan!

  • Available for ALL dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian and balanced)
  • Sweet tooth? All plans include sweat snacks
  • Budget friendly + easy to make meals (Psst! Meal prep to save time!)

FREE Extras!

  • Mindset Guide + Daily Tracker to help you stay consistent
  • Email support, half-way Check-In, and MORE!
  • Whatsapp access to your coach
  • Fun prizes!

Our VPack programs are famous for bringing fitness, health and mindset together like never before! We cannot neglect the importance of mindset when it comes to making healthier and fitter choices!

We aim to encourage women around the world to take their rightful place in society through changing their state of mind and living a life where they learn to take care of their health, bodies and thoughts!

Having the body and mindset of your dreams and learning to live a healthier lifestyle does not need to be overwhelming or restrictive. If you are conscious about what you put in your body as well as learning to keep your mind in a good and positive space, living a healthy lifestyle will become effortless and a natural way of being and living!

Over the next 8 weeks I am going to walk you through exactly what I have done to retransform my mind, body and soul.

Wanna know the Vixen secret?

No more quick fixes, silly fads, or "dry chicken breast and broccoli" diets with workouts that leave you feeling more demotivated than you were when you started, live here.

What you’re going to learn is going to be with you for life and help you look after your mind and your body in beautiful ways.

You will never feel stuck, confused or demotivated because you’ll have a whole Pack of Vixens as well as your coach there to help when you need it most!

Meet Your Coach

Hey Girl! I'm your VPack Shred Coach, Vee, I use an integrative approach to both diet and lifestyle changes to improve your health while helping you reach your goals. I aim to help you work toward an overall healthier life, through your nutrition patterns, relationships, physical fitness, mindset, and more.

I started as an online coach back in 2015, and am always focused on growing myself as well as my business to be the best coach for you!

I focus on holistic and balanced meal plans so that you won’t feel like you’re ‘dieting’ but rather adapting to a happy and healthy lifestyle! I do not believe in restrictive eating! I don’t believe in long, tedious workouts in order to reach results. Your workout plan is something you should enjoy and have fun doing!

I also have 5 years of experience as an IFBB Wellness Fitness athlete and have claimed my place as the Wellness Fitness Champion in both 2019 and 2020.  It took a lot of dedication, perseverance and overcoming mental and physical obstacles to reach my goals which is why my Awaken Challenge has such a huge focus on mindset. Working on my mental health is what changed everything for me and I am here to show you how I did it!

I'm here to help you empower your inner Vixen and help you awaken your highest and best self!

xo Vee

VPack Transformations


Is The Workout Program For Gym Only?

No ways babe, my programs are flexible, so you can choose whether you want to work out at home or in the gym! My training programs move with you, so you’ll always be improving.

Do I Have To Have Facebook?

Our exclusive Vixen group is on Facebook so it is in your best interest to have an account - some of our babes create fake profiles just to be a part of the program group which works pretty well!

How Fit Do I Need To Be To Join?

My training programs move with you, so you’ll be moving at your own pace - in fact, for this program we will have training guidelines for beginners, intermediates and advanced babes!

How Much Support Will I Receive From You As My Coach?

I love getting to know each one of my clients and aim to be as present as I can be, program support is done through our Facebook group in the form of question posts and Weekly Q&A threads.  Being a part of our program you will also be required to check-in through online forms, however, if you prefer Whatsapp Check-ins, those will be available too.

But I Am Vegetarian?

That’s okay girl! We have veggie eating plans just for you!

Is There A Payment Plan Available?

Our programs are designed to be extra affordable, so you won’t need a payment plan!