Our Winter Warm Up Winner 🔥

Our Winter Warm Up Winner 🔥

Check out this crazy transformation by Tam, our Winter Warm Up Challenge Winner.
This was her first VPack Challenge, it was also her first time ditching the numbers and following an intuitive and flexible eating approach.

Tam lost a total of 10kgs in just 6 weeks. 

How insane is that! I am so proud of how she has stepped into her super human self and started recognising her worth.  She has just started our newest challenge and dropped another 3kgs in just over a week.

Here are a few questions answered by her so that you can understand her journey a little better.

1. What does a normal day look like for you?

Normal day for me would be coffee with almond milk and gym at 5 or 6 then oats with NPL platinum whey after gym if I train later or after 9am I have my oats before gym. Snack after gym will be fruit or humus and carrots or rice cake with avo , lunch is prep meal which I do every 2 days I keep it simple , extra lean mince/chicken with veg and either pasta or jasmine rice and then If I'm not too busy with work snack around 3ish protein bar or fruit

2. Why did you sign up for the Vixen Winter Warm Up?

I was so tried of crash diets and gaining weight again straight after also not feeling happy with my lifestyle , I was looking for guidance and accountability to help me reach a better lifestyle .

3. What was your favourite meal on the Vixen Winter Warm Up?

Vixen Quiche and Vixen oats.

4. What is your favourite body part to workout?


5. What is your biggest reward from this challenge?

The relationship I have with food any myself .

6. What was the biggest obstacle for you during this challenge?

Trying to forget my old taught habit , like the first 2 weeks I struggled not to count calories and I was scared to eat so much food that was listed i.e including snacks

7. If you had an extra mil, how would you spend it?

Well I'm saving for a boob job so that would be first 🤣 I would pay off my debt and invest and find investment like buy a business etc

8. What are your plans to stay on top of your goals?

I have not changed anything since I stopped the challenge I apply the 80/20 rule and keep prepping meals and choosing healthier options . The challenge helped me see that prepping is the way to stay consistent with your food and not fall off the wagon

9. What does your evening routine look like?

Depending on time I finish work I make food for the family and then I will eat prep meal around 6-7 will be chicken breast and salad or lean mince mixed veg and whole-wheat pasta I really enjoyed keeping it simple

10. Are you proud of your achievements?

I am very proud , It was a hard road to approach myself and to see results and feel so happy is very rewarding inside it's a push that's also keeping me going 🙏🏻🌺

I hope Tam inspires you. I also hope that you know you have what it takes to reach your own goals, if you need a little help reach out to me in Instagram.

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