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The Monthly Vixen Planner

The Monthly Vixen Planner

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Introducing The Monthly Vixen Planner! This planner has been created to help you organize all aspects of your life in 2023 and stay on track with the things that are most important to you!

What's included:

  • Committing to yourself Letter
  • Dream Day Ritual Page
  • Yearly Goal Setting
  • Monthly Intentions
  • Monthly Body Check Ins
  • Monthly Workout Planner
  • Monthly Calendars
  • Monthly Reviews and Reflections
  • Yearly Review

It’s not just a planner – it can be a journal,  a storyboard, a scrapbook, a photo collection, accountability and so much more.

Digital planning keeps all of your tools centralized in one place. Not only does this lighten your load literally, as in less stuff to carry around with you, but it does the same thing environmentally, too.

Rather than carrying around a bag the right size to hold all your stuff, plus your planner, using The Monthly Vixen Planner is infinitely more portable. Instead of having to make space in your carry-on for your planner and accessories, now it fits in the back pocket of your jeans.

While one of the main benefits of using The Monthly Vixen Planner is that it’s paperless, it can also be easily printed out if that’s more your jam. Creating your monthly schedule in a digital format gives you the flexibility to refine your calendar before you commit to a physical version to reference or share it with others.

Using The Monthly Vixen Planner to plan your workouts also helps keep track of what we have been able to achieve. That's great for progression and motivation. You can see how long your goal is taking you and what is realistic to expect next time. Planning ahead really is a great habit to get into.

Overall, planning your workouts and your health, in general, is just a smart thing to do. Don't over plan since surprises do still happen and things do change, but a good system in place will definitely help you progress.

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