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Busy Babe ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Challenge

Busy Babe ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Challenge

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Our main aim is to help you build good routines, to fuel and move your body, and to TRANSFORM in more ways than you may think. Mentally, mindfully and physically!  The work we put in together will transform your body on the outside, but that’s not all babe!

This transformation is going to be about so much more than just fitness. It’s going to be about rediscovering and growing your confidence by making more time for yourself! It is time to consider and look after yourself, even with a crazy schedule!

Admit it: Your motivation skyrockets whenever you're challenged. Throwback to that time your friend dared you to down a drink—and you crushed it. (No? Just us?)

Get ready for a challenge that will make you feel amazing without being pressured by long workouts or intense recipes to prep meals! We have designed this challenge to help you achieve some incredible results, inside and out. Bonus: Our workouts are quick and effective, 30 minutes, tops, for our busy babes! Plus, by doing this challenge you’re not only going to transform your body and your mind, but your entire life!

Don’t worry – even if you’ve never even picked up a dumbbell you will be able to complete this challenge. The workouts are quite straightforward in our beginner level. We are welcoming all levels!

Main Goal: Make time for yourself, get healthy and feel great, eat carbs without worry, manage to get a few workouts in each week.

Fitness Level: Beginner, Advanced

Challenge Duration: 8 weeks

Time Per Workout: 30 minutes’ max

Equipment Required: 1kg / 2kg / 3kg Dumbbells, A skipping rope, A booty band, A gym mat

What’s Included:

  • 20-30 Minute Workout Options
  • Home Training + Gym Training
  • Workout Video Tutorials
  • Eating Guidance + Flexible Meal Plan
  • Vegan + Veggie Options
  • Brand New Delicious Quick Recipes
  • Mind-set Guidance + Accountability
  • Biweekly Check-ins Via Email or WhatsApp

The Vixen Philosophy


Over the next 8 weeks I am going to walk you through exactly what I have done to retransform my mind, body and schedule.


Wana know the Vixen secret?


No more quick fixes, silly fads, or "dry chicken breast and broccoli" diets with workouts which leave you feeling more demotivated than you were when you started, live here. 


What you’re going to learn is going to be with you for life and help you look after your mind and your body in beautiful ways. 


You will never feel stuck, confused or demotivated because you’ll have a whole Pack of Vixens as well as your coach there to help when you need it most!


Results in 8 Weeks? Is That Even Possible?


Can you really see results in just 2 months? If you mean a mind that’s stronger and more confident? A body that's tighter, more toned, and slimmer. A schedule that’s more balanced causing you a little more peace -- hell yes babe!


Is the workout program for gym only?


No ways babe, my programs and challenges are flexible, so you can choose whether you want to work out at home or in the gym! My training programs move with you, so you’ll always be improving.


Do I have to have Facebook?


Our exclusive Vixen group is on the Facebook so it is in your best interest to have an account - some of our babes create fake profiles just to be a part of the challenge group which works pretty well!


How fit do I need to be to join?


My training programs move with you, so you’ll be moving at your own pace - in fact, for this challenge we will have training guidelines for beginners, intermediates and advanced babes!


How much support will I receive from you as my coach?


I love getting to know each one of my clients and aim to be as present as I can be, Challenge support is done through our Facebook group in the form of question posts and Weekly Q&A threads.  Being a part of our Challenges you will also be required to check in through online forms.


But I am vegetarian?


That’s okay girl! We have veggie eating plans just for you!


Is there a payment plan available?


Our challenges are designed to be extra affordable, so you won’t need a payment plan!



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