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Cutie With A Booty | 8 Week VPack Program

Cutie With A Booty | 8 Week VPack Program

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Are you a babe who’s ever found yourself struggling with:

  • Spending too much time picking, planning, and preparing your workout instead of actually doing it?
  • Creating the best workout split for your body to be able to rest and progress?
  • Being distracted constantly while you’re trying to build that booty at home?
  • Knowing what moves will grow your booty?

You will learn to:

  • Activate your glutes in the correct way to help them grow
  • Create the best workout split for your body to be able to rest and progress
  • Be focused on building that booty even at home
  • Which moves will grow your booty
  • Eat right for your body even when on a budget
  • Use finishers to get the most out of your workouts

When you purchase my Cutie with a Booty Guide, you get:

  • WhatsApp support from Vee herself
  • Vixen Eating and Training Journal
  • Budget Babe Meal Guide
  • Booty Finisher Guide
  • A Cutie with a Booty Guide (Meal Plans, Training, Guidance)
  • A brand NEW workout split!
  • Home and Gym Training plans
  • Lots of new unique moves
  • Video Tutorials
  • Abs, Booty, and Fat Loss focus
  • Delicious meal plans
  • All the VPACK Community support

I understand how overwhelming it is to start a new program. I know it’s so much easier to keep doing what you’re doing now. But is that any way to improve? Nope! Do you want to improve? Yes!!

This program is a way to improve. Every workout move is designed specifically for women to sculpt lean, strong feminine bodies, from tight abs to that  booty you’ve always dreamed of having!

Wow, right?? Look at how amazing each of these Vixens are!


"I've always been self-conscious about my glutes - or lack thereof. As someone who is Quad-Dominant, my quads take over on lower-body days, and my glutes don't get the pump that they need to develop fully. I have seen such a massive change in my glutes with Vee. I have glute days where we focus on progressive overload to grow and shape my booty. I can't tell you how many pairs of jeans this peach has ripped - but it's all been so worth it! " - Elizabeth Dumagude


"So one year apart! It may not seem like much, but one year’s difference and I’m still in the best shape I’ve ever been! It also definitely doesn’t hurt that my 🍑 is looking better than ever too! Strong is sexy!" - Lisa Mildenhall



"The only thing I will ever force in my life again, is my jeans over my peach. & I'm loving my popping peach!" - Kiki Koutelieris



"First picture was November 2020 with a flat booty, second picture July 2021 a popping booty!! All achieved with the amazing exercises that Vee has  given us! I’m so in for a 🍑 peachy peach!!!" - Kirsten Blignaut



"I never thought intuitive eating would have such an impact on the way your body builds muscle! The right coach can really unlock so many doors for you. I feel so strong and powerful when I walk into the gym now and I'm learning so much more about my body! ✨🤍 Can't wait to see what you guys are up to!" - Kyla Linton



For only R999.00, you get:

  • An 8 Week workout program designed to sculpt women’s bodies
  • Both home AND gym variations
  • Flexi meal plans with recipes that still allow you to eat your favourite foods
  • Love, support, and encouragement from our welcoming VPACK Community
  • Full access to my online FB library of nutrition and fitness resources
  • A Booty Burner Finisher and stretch guide
  • The workout plan is a full bod program with emphasis on the booty, which means you’ll reach COMPLETE body and booty goals! 

VPACK programs deliver results -- if you’re ready to commit!

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