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Personal Training By Vee

Personal Training By Vee

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Session length: 45-60 minutes

Amount of ladies per session: Up to 2 ladies per session

Personal Training by Vee sessions will help you increase your strength gains and confidence in the gym. This is also an effective way to increase the amount of physical activity you do by changing your attitude towards exercise.

Imagine someone who has struggled with their health or body for a long time, and no matter how much they exercise or diet they can’t make progress. One-on-one sessions will not only provide the right training to achieve those hard-to-reach goals, but also the encouragement and motivation to see the fitness journey to the end.

I will tell you what exercises to do and how and also teach you a lot about fitness and your body. You’ll learn about proper exercise forms and posture, exercise modifications and variations, how the body responds to exercise.

Having me as your trainer will mean that when you can’t be bothered to get yourself up and out to the gym, you’ll not only have to justify it to yourself, you’ll also have some explaining to do to me. 

Having to hold yourself accountable, and being held accountable by another person, is a powerful tool. You’ll be much more likely to motivate yourself and follow through with workouts when you have to explain your reasons to someone else!

You’ll be much more likely to continue working towards your fitness goals when you have someone pointing out the progress that you’re making!

It’s not just about giving you a set of exercises to do, it’s about teaching you and guiding you throughout your sessions whilst ensuring you’re on the right track to achieve your fitness goals.

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