Stay Motivated After A VPack Challenge 🔥

Stay Motivated After A VPack Challenge 🔥

Yes girl! You finished the VPack SHRED and let’s just start by saying… hell yes!! Take a moment and hype yourself up. You committed to YOURSELF for 6 weeks and that is something to get pumped about. We know it can be hard to stay motivated in your workouts and nutrition, and regardless if you stuck with it for the full 6 weeks, did half of the challenge or just a few days, you should be so proud!

Now that the challenge is over and you may not have signed up to our Winter Warm Up, you might be wondering how to stay motivated. I'm laying out exactly how you can easily continue the healthy habits you’ve formed. Just because the challenge is over, that doesn’t mean you stop going! Let’s keep crushing it together!



First things fist, grab your phone and take your progress photos! Put on your fave workout outfit, bikini or whatever makes you feel confident AF and smile. Keeping track of your progress throughout your fitness journey is such a great way to stay motivated. One look at where you started and how far you’ve come will get you ready to keep crushing it!

If you didn’t take a photo at the start of the challenge, no worries girl! Try and slot in an older photo of yourself before the challenge. But from here on out, track your progress! And the biggest thing… don’t forget to SMILE! Regardless of where you’re at in your journey, be proud of yourself and your beautiful body. 


For 6 weeks healthy nutrition has been top of mind as we’ve completed the VPACK SHRED. Focusing on nutrition is SO crucial to see results – it’s not just about your workouts! Now that your challenge is over and we have completed our meal plans, it’s easy to fall back into old nutrition habits. That’s exactly why some babes are continuing post challenge with my Budget Babe Guide!

Let's face it. It’s not easy to eat healthy. Even if you know what you SHOULD be eating, most of us don’t have enough budget to do it right.  No matter how hard you try - you end up relying on fast food and popping heavily processed meals into the microwave and not eating often enough. This is DEAD FOOD without nutrition.... it's no wonder you end up feeling horrible afterwards! This is why I love our Budget Babe Guide!

If you enjoy the structure of a daily meal plan, you can ALWAYS go back to the VPack SHRED whenever you’d like to. This is your nutrition journey, find what works for you and stick to it girl!


SHRED is over but you can still challenge yourself using the workouts or following some of the workouts on. my Insta / YouTube! If you need a little push to stay motivated, I have a TON of Bonus Workouts that you can add to your regular sweat workout schedule.


If you’re feeling unmotivated, share that with your girls! The VPACK Community is here to support and encourage you not just during a challenge, but always. We love continuing to share when we finish our daily workouts or eat a good meal. This is the BEST way to stay plugged in with the incredible women in the VPack who are on the exact same journey as you are.

Remember, you aren’t in this alone! We have got your back. Make sure to use the hashtags #VpackVixens #VPackSquad #VPackCommunity so other women in the community can continue to find you post challenge!

Overall, just remember, YOU GOT THIS. You’ve formed these healthy habits and you CAN stick to them! We’re right there with you. And don’t worry, another challenge will be coming soon enough. Stay tuned 😉

All my love,

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