Find Yourself Hitting These Roadblocks When It Comes To Being Consistent?

Find Yourself Hitting These Roadblocks When It Comes To Being Consistent?

Hey babe,

have you ever found yourself saying these things?

“I just don’t have time to prep my meals for the week.

"I am too tired after a full day of work to workout."

"I don’t know how to get back on track."

I get it. I promise. So many of my clients have come to me saying these things time and time again. Making time for a healthy lifestyle and routine can be a little difficult in the beginning. Any type of change is, never mind changing up all the ‘not so healthy’ habits you’ve subconsciously built.

And these roadblocks?

Are VERY real when it comes to staying consistent and focused when trying to get yourself back on track.

But you KNOW when you overcome them, magic can happen. Magic like:

making health and fitness so effortlessly a part of your life that it is so much more bearable and it starts getting you the RESULTS you’ve been wanting!

One of my clients has recently tapped into this space, so much so that she cannot believe it - a babe who was stuck has been able to drop 2.5kg in a space of only 2 weeks without changing anything but her mindset! See, she put so much pressure on herself that instantly as she started - she would give up. She has finally learnt that there is no need for so much pressure, small changes and self love are what will keep her consistent.

Another one of my clients believed that the only thing that would keep her consistent was a competition prep. We have worked so hard on changing her mind that she is now in a much better space.

And today? I am dropping my best strategies to help YOU overcome these roadblocks and achieve these transformations. Let’s go!

1. Think of it as a puzzle

Instead of trying to "fix" yourself, view your fitness and health consistency as a puzzle, a challenge, a riddle. What clues do you have? What will you test out? What might be fun to try?

2. Take responsibility for your own motivation

Motivation is a feeling created by your thoughts. You are responsible for thinking thoughts that are motivating. Stop blaming the fact that you are "Not motivated" and start choosing to be motivated. (This is part of the mindset work is included in my newest challenge)

3. Choose to enjoy yourself

If you spend the entire workout thinking about how much you hate running then it shouldn't be surprising that your motivation to show up in a workout is dropping fast. Instead, work on finding even 1% more enjoyment or joy in your workout. Focus on the feeling of accomplishment, the energy you get, or the idea that you are getting stronger.

4. Set goals

Set goals for yourself. (Also included in my newest challenge) From eating better to learning a new exercise, having goals will help you feel empowered and excited to show up. Also, setting little goals, and determining what you're looking for from one specific workout / meal / day can give your brain something to focus on besides your to-do list at home.

Do you have any questions about these? Or is there another roadblock you are experiencing? Email me back, I would love to help and your replies really do make my day.

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