Sculpt and Tone your Body in 4 Weeks ūüĒ•

Sculpt and Tone your Body in 4 Weeks ūüĒ•

Get ready to wake up your body! The 2022 Summer Time Fine Challenge is going to help you sculpt, tone, and build your best body in 4 weeks. We start November 7th!

I’ll be giving you a FREE eBook to help motivate your training sessions just for signing up! You'll have brand new food choices in your Challenge eBook as well pre and post workout nutrition tips. Not only that, there’s a chance to win some amazing prizes! I can’t wait for you to join us!

I know getting and staying motivated can be tough, so I’ll also be sending you weekly emails and texts sharing tips and lots of inspiration to help you reach your goals!


On 4 November 2022 you will find your Summer Time Fine Challenge eBook in your inbox


Here’s the breakdown of what to expect each day

1: Vixen Sesh

This is your main workout 

2: Weekly Challenge

10 min workout that is great as a dynamic warm-up or a quick workout anytime, anywhere!

3: Bonus Move

This is the Body Bonus Move that will be up on our Facebook group weekly


As if that new booty wasn’t enough, you could win some amazing prizes just for committing to yourself for the next 4 weeks!

How do I win?

  • Take your ‚Äúbefore‚ÄĚ photos on day 1, so you‚Äôll have an amazing transformation story to share with us at the end!¬†
  • Follow @veronique_mitchell @vpackvixens¬†on Instagram and make sure you‚Äôre tagging us! Don‚Äôt forget to use #VpackVixen¬†as well.
  • Submit a testimonial and check in at the end of the challenge so we can hear all about your incredible journey!

Can’t wait to start with you!

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