Want a sneak peek of the VPack Shred? ūüĎÄ

Want a sneak peek of the VPack Shred? ūüĎÄ

We are a week away from starting our VPack Shred Challenge! 

When I first started the VPack, one of my main goals was to help women build confidence and knowledge around becoming their best selves so they could experience full freedom and happiness.

Freedom to be able to live their lives to the fullest. Freedom to be able to eat without restriction or binge. Freedom to support their goals and dreams. Freedom to not worry about food every moment of the day.

Can you relate?

Why join our VPack Shred Challenge?

‚úÖ Hundreds of ladies have made huge progress when completing VPack Programs.

‚úÖ Our challenges are straight forward and easy to complete, you'll receive all the information you need to reach your goals!

‚úÖ No more boredom, you'll have many food options and variety!

What's included:

  • NEW and IMPROVED¬†effective home and gym workout options
  • 3 months VPack Vixen Membership¬†(Access to all community groups and support)
  • Biweekly¬†check-ins
  • Printable¬†Accountability Chart
  • Printable¬†6 week trackers
  • NEW and IMPROVED flexible meal planning approach
  • Customised¬†eating based on allergies and eating preferences (Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, PCOS friendly, lactose intolerant)
  • Optional Accountability¬†Buddy Program
  • Vixen Journals¬†
When I say I can help you become your best self, I mean it. 
No empty promises. No cardboard diets. No boring workouts.
Are you up for a Challenge??


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